The photo series ‘Disreality’ is a collection of original found photographs taken from the novella of the same name. Text available on request.

I was ‘Love-Bombed’. Selected as the target of sustained quick-fire idealisation so invasive and forceful that I felt afraid rather than flattered. My intuition was screaming and I knew I must listen to it.

But my mind was confused. On the surface, my bomber was a gentle saint. I looked deeper. With my intuition on overdrive, I knew I had to somehow see who and what was really in front of me. What was really going on.

The love story being imposed upon me fast became a terrifying scenario of manufactured identity and sinister motive. I woke up to the interplay between predator and unsuspecting prey that exists in the everyday under the guise of love and romance. It was a traumatic truth to learn.

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