Gatecrashers Of The Cosmos

Gatecrashers Of The Cosmos

I woke up.

To the unrelenting programming of Planet Earth:



Everything is inverse.


Realisation that we live in a world of the unreal.


Where the truth seems mad

And those speaking it condemned as all mad:

Black sheep


Put under scrutiny.

Witch convictions:

Let them burn.


Actually it’s the global rhetoric that is non-sense:

Impossible contradictions that must be complied with.

Motherfucker establishment


Always inventing a new drama.

They are the gatecrashers at the party of the Cosmos.

They act without real legitimacy of power.


They steal control of the world

Contingent on the insecurity and division of people.

The Universe doesn’t seek a Keeper.


Networks of artifice and deception

Designed to mold thought.

Corrupting the memories of the collective mind.


We do not really need their permission to be free.

By inverting what we believe,

We stop behaving like a cripple.


But seeing the light;

Doesn’t it sometimes feel like a tragic, lonely jubilation?

When the rest are too naïve to escape the lie.

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